Upgraded to WP 2.5 and Changed Theme

Yup, I did it! I've upgraded this blog WordPress 2.5 and, as I'm sure you can see, I've changed my theme. It's quite a change from the previous theme, but I like change and change is good. I spent quite a bit of time modifying it to my liking and there are still a few things to be done, such as adding the search bar (I couldn't find a nice place to put it and I didn't think it was really necessary to get the theme out there).

Another major addition that you'll soon notice is my use of Asides. Sometimes I want to post something on my blog but I feel it's not quite worthy enough for an entire post. Then if I do decide to post it, I'll end up trying to make the post long enough to feel like an actual post, which usually just ends up degrading the quality of everything.

You can think of an aside as a little sticky note. I might post an aside saying where I've been, what I'm doing, or just some random thought I had. My Twitter account is hooked up to WordPress using the Twitter Tools plugin so I can even post asides via SMS from my phone.

An aside post won't look like a normal post, but you can still comment on them like regular posts. An aside will look like this:

  • With all the technology we have, we still can't solve a problem as simple as traffic congestion. (0)

If you want to read more about asides, check out Matt's post on them. He's the one who started WordPress and his blog is where I first saw asides in use. He uses them a lot on his blog, so if you're still confused as to what they are, check out his page.

Feel free to give me your thoughts on the new theme. It was a really hard decision to go with something so dramatically different from the "clean and white" look that I usually try to stick with. I realized that if I had to design something in the physical world, these are the colors I would use. My online blog should reflect that. 🙂

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  1. Thanks DJT. 🙂

    I’m still a little torn about doing white on black mixed with black on white. It seems to go against everything I’ve learned about usability and good design! At the same time though, I enjoy it.

    We’ll see how long it lasts. A theme is just a theme, but by the same token it’s also the face of the information I’m presenting. Maybe if I start up another blog I can let my perfectionist-desires roam elsewhere.