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Going Cold Turkey on all Liquids Except Water and Tea

A few months ago when I went cold turkey on coffee, my goal was not to eliminate caffeine altogether, just black coffee. Many people who learned of my quitting coffee were confused when they saw me drinking a soy latte (which contains expresso), so I had to explain to them the difference between black coffee and coffee diluted in soy milk. As much a I love coffee (yes, love, not loved; I still love coffee!), I have suppressed all the urges (as ridiculously strong as they may have been) and my mouth has not seen a single cup of black coffee in over four months!

Although I did not quit black coffee to eliminate all caffeine from my diet, the negative side effects of high caffeine consumption that I was experiencing from drinking lots of black coffee was my main motivation. However, the past few weeks I have unconsciously been increasing the number of lattes I drink, thereby increasing my caffeine intake, increasing the negative side effects that I originally quit black coffee to avoid, and decreasing the money in my wallet.

So today I decided I'm going cold turkey on all liquids except water and tea (and possibly soy milk for protein shakes), until at least the end of the year. I really need to escape this caffeine addiction (yes, it's addiction, no matter how much I don't want to admit it). It's ridiculous, unnecessary, and costing me way too much money. I quit black coffee, so this should be easy.

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  1. I think I’ve heard that before too…. Might be in a book that my dad had, I’ll have to look to see if we still have them. Also read in that same book where beer is good for a green lawn. ???

    I mainly drink water, tea and milk

  2. Congrats to you in dropping the caffeine addiction!

    For my part, I was a soft drink addict from early childhood all the way up to college. It got so bad by my senior year of high school that I would drink about two 40 oz., four 20 oz. and eight 8 oz. Mountain Dews PER DAY.

    I’m sure you can imagine that I was constantly buzzing from caffeine and sugar 24/7, and I decided that it was time to quit.

    One thing I wasn’t expecting was withdrawal. I had bad headaches for a week, and my energy level was super-low. Not only that, but at first I stepped down to sports drinks (like Gatorade), which knocked out the caffeine, but still jolted me full of sugar (which I’m sure my teeth just loved).

    After a few months of sports drinks, though, I managed to move on, drinking mostly water and milk, and today I’m about the same, though there is a fair amount of alcohol involved (on those rare nights when I stop working and go out with friends). I am curious to try a stricter beverage regimen, however and I do like green tea. I’d be interested to see a list of your favorite teas, too, as I’m still very new to that scene!

    Keep up the good blogging! I just checked your archive and it looks like I have a lot of articles to wade through!

    • Hey Colin!

      I was the same way with soda! I used to drink a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew per DAY! I quit cold turkey back in 2001. While quitting coffee I also experienced tHe headaches, but they were gone within a few days. Its been great drinking only tea. More stable moods, fewer cravings, and better energy levels.

      I’ll defnitely write a post with some of my favorite teas — thanks for the idea and for stopping by!

  3. you have to compost them coffee grinds first

    theres a bank around here that makes free lattes and stuff like that for customers

  4. Raam,

    I am new to the site and saw this post. I am curious as to your status now. Have you still drinking water & tea alone?

    • Hi Ron,

      This post was from three years ago and I’ve definitely not stuck to water and tea only. If I remember correctly, I did manage to avoid black coffee for an entire year following that post.

      I’m currently drinking black coffee every morning, or at least every other morning. However, it’s interesting that you should comment on this post and bring it back to my attention… I’ve been thinking over the past few days that I really want to go back to drinking nothing but water and tea. My body feels so much healthier that way (not to mention my energy levels; the caffeine really screws with the body’s natural processes).