What is Your Life Gravity?

Gravity in Action

At least in this dimension, everything relies on gravity. Even the creatures that have learned to cheat gravity by flying still require a place to set down; a place to feed, reproduce, relax, and recharge.

Breaking through our own preconceived limitations and discovering new heights is vital to growth, but to perch on our newly discovered ledge and reassess our new position, we still need gravity -- we still need a link to Earth.

Our life gravity can come in many different forms. It could be a vision or a mission. It could be the welfare and happiness of our family, a set of specific goals, or even the advancement of a career. It could be a set of core values or principles on which we base all our decisions.

Whatever it is, it needs to be clearly defined and frequently revisited. If you cannot quickly and simply answer the question, "What is my life gravity?", you may find yourself confused, restless, or feeling lost when you start reaching new heights.

Identify your gravity and learn to work with it. Learn to regularly reconnect with your purpose. Otherwise, no matter how impressive your growth, you will be like a balloon let loose on an open sky; you may soar to great heights, but your life will be nothing more than a loose collection of scattered achievements, one day ending with a pop somewhere in the vast skies of time.

One person can win the lottery and end up staying poor while another person spends half their life working hard and amasses great wealth. The difference? One of them recognized the gravity that holds that wealth down.

One person can have the best idea in the world and go unheard while another person builds an empire and changes lives. The difference? One of them understood the gravity that makes change possible.

Your life is a gift. The legacy you leave behind is entirely in your hands. Your legacy -- to your children; to your family; to the world -- is entirely determined by your ability to focus your life. Without something to pull you back to the center, your life will constantly be unfocused.

What is your life gravity? When your ideas, aspirations, growth, and achievements start reaching the stratosphere, what ensures that you have a place to set down, soak in the new perspective, reassess your position, and refocus your energy?

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  1. Raam, I do not know my life’s gravity yet in these terms then. You must help me figure it out! I want to do so much and contribute on so many levels and in so many areas that I hardly can pick one thing to define me…..A very thought-provoking post, and I am still jet-lagged. I must ponder this further! Thank ya!

    • Farnoosh, I think you’re already doing a wonderful job contributing through your blog! If you cannot find one thing to define you, then don’t pick one thing! Or find the overall theme and go with that. Take a step back and try to view your entire life from a distance — the sum of all the decisions and choices you’ve made. How would you define that?

      I know It’s tough! I struggle with the same problem. But figuring out what our gravity is — what holds us together and allows us to focus — will greatly improve our ability to change ourselves and the world around us.

      • Ok I am picking a few things: Writing (for the blog and for my book…), yoga (a certification to deepen my practice, not necessarily to teach), photography (yes I want to go pro, I don’t care if the market is saturated as my brothers tell me), reading (I want to read all the classics, and I want a literature degree someday), travel (need I say more to a traveler kindred soul such as you), art (I do want to take art classes one day), music (the violin or the piano or both – is it ever too late), tango (I want to continue dancing), ….Ok I think that’s it for now ;)! You see my dilemma, Raam my friend !!!?

        • Wow, you really weren’t joking when you said so many areas! You sound like me (only I think you’re making better headway)!

          I started learning the piano late last year, but I had to stop when I decided to start traveling. The violin is something I’ve always wanted to learn. (By the way, while we’re on the subject, I think the Sitar is the most beautiful instrument ever!)

          You’re an incredible writer and you definitely have an eye for photography! Your dedication to yoga inspires me to start and stick to a daily routine every time I see one of your pictures!

          Just keep doing what you’re doing, Farnoosh!

  2. This is dead on. I was unfocused and generally directionless for awhile, just going with the flow. It led me to some great places but also to some setbacks and a few years doing mostly nothing when I could have really been working toward something.

    At some point last year, I found my purpose, or “gravity”, that mission or goal that I am steering my life towards. Even if I can’t articulate the gravity in words, it certainly has an image, and ever since I found it, my progress has been so fast and huge.

    I have a world to explore and stories to tell. I’m on the right highway.

    • Thanks for the comment, Eli!

      I can definitely relate: When I recently latched on to my own life gravity, I instantly made huge strides in personal growth. However, since my inner compass seems to change directions so frequently, maintaining a connection to that gravity is an ongoing challenge for me. I’ve been getting better at recognizing when the connection has been lost and then spending time reconnecting with it instead of pointlessly wandering unfocused and wasting time.

  3. this is great advice raam!
    my question to u is; wat if u know how do to everything ryt and know wat is best and still u fail to study when u need to or not do any work and just procrastinate….is this a bad habit or pure laziness or is it just how my mind works??
    reply ASAP:)

    • Hi Mysha,

      That sounds like a bad habit… you need to overcome the negative thinking and bad habits and take control. You need to become the master of your mind instead of letting your mind control you! 🙂


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