Life-changing Advice

‪If I was to give my 20-year-old self some simple life-changing advice, it would be the following:‬

  • ‪Read more‬
  • ‪Do more‬
  • ‪Fail more‬

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  1. I would also add:
    Stress Less. Will what I am stressing about something I can change and will it matter in 10 years. Answer is no, forget it and stress about the next ice cream cone with your grandson.
    Life has more laugh moments than troubling. Laugh

    • Great observation, Mark! 🙂 Yes, stress less! When you take the bigger picture into account, even just the bigger picture of our lifetime (which is tiny in and of itself in the real bigger picture), any problem that we might stress out about seems to small and insignificant. Stress takes us away from the moment—better to be present and alive and at peace, present in the here and now.