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Prioritize Health

Prioritize health. What’s the point of freeing ourselves if we’re forced to experience that freedom caged inside an unhealthy body?


  • Naz Laila

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    • Hi Roshan,

      I may be coming to India next year. I would love to meet you too! 🙂 Can you send me an email ( so that we can stay in touch and I can let you know when I’m coming to India?

  1. I have recently lost over 50 pounds, which improved my health in a huge way. One day I was walking my dogs, when one of them became stubborn and refused to go. I picked her up to carry her for a block or so (she weighs in at 35 pounds) and found her to be heavy! I realized that I had been carrying more weight than this on my body for several years. The benefits of a healthy weight really matter!

    • Jim, I can absolutely relate! I was once 70 LBS overweight. I remember one day, after having lost all that weight, doing a few pushups and feeling so incredibly light. Just think… I carried 70 LBS around with me everywhere I went! It helped me realize just how taxing and stressful being overweight is for our body.


  • Naz Laila December 1, 2012

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