Adding Power and Lights to my Shed

I needed light in my shed and the only way I would be satisfied was if I had real lights, not those dim battery operated ones. Besides, I know having an outlet in the shed to plug things into would be very helpful. I already ran the wire to my door when I installed the outside light, so all I needed to do was get the power 12 feet away to my shed.

First I dug a 14" deep trench between my basement door and shed (sorry, no pics of the trench 🙁 the line in the sand shows where the trench was). Inside that trench I laid metal conduit with an outdoor 12/2 wire inside. Since I might build a summer house next spring, I figured I would take advantage of running the wire and add a CAT5 Ethernet cable along side the power cable. I'm not sure how the power cable will effect the data running on the CAT5 cable, but I had extra CAT5 cable laying around so I ran it anyway.

I used flexible conduit at the basement door and where the wire comes up from the trench into the shed.

After adding a junction box to the ceiling of the basement entrance (power in on the top, on the bottom one wire to outside light, one wire to shed), I added a junction box inside the shed where the wire comes in. I'm going to be adding an outlet later and having the junction box right there will make that a lot easier. I then ran power up to a switch and from the switch up to the florescent light. The switch will control two lights, but I'm only attaching one light for now. I ran the wire for the second light but just wrapped the end with electrical tape.

Once I attached and wired the florescent light to the ceiling joists of the shed, I turned on the breaker in my basement and flipped the switch in the shed.

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  1. Good Work!

    Lucky for me, my shed had light and 2 outlets when I purchased it. Back at the old house, the storage room in the basement had no lights, but I fixed that for a bit with hanging Christmas tree lights (white) around the room. True Hillbilly style.

  2. I love working on my house/yard/shed. It’s a huge break from the monotonous daily grind of computer screens, keyboards, and mice. Plus, I enjoy anything that gets me outside.

    I really want to build a small summer house next to the shed, with an 6’x10′ deck and an enclosed 8’x10 inside area with sliding glass doors and screens where I can stick my computer and do some work. I’m estimating it will cost me about $4,000; which is money I don’t have right now.

    Living in a basement is making me miss the outside world even more.