Do something epic once a year, something that feels epic to you. Plan it. Make time. Once a year. That's what, maybe 50-80 in your lifetime?

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  1. Hello! When I became 40 years old, I made a promise to myself; I will try every year something that I never did before. And I kept to it since. The gained experience will add to the process of self-discovery and it can help to become happier and more comfortable with who you are. I can recommend it.

  2. This is totally inspiring Raam! I think personal development is all about the law of attraction; I needed an internal motivation to start something BIG, which was in the shed for a year now. Your ‘Epic’ word is pushing me towards my dream project closer now.

    Thanks, Raam !

    • Thank you, Naveen. 🙂 Personal development is all about letting go of what we were and replacing it with something better. Doing something epic ensures personal development! Good luck with your dream project. 🙂

  3. Thanks for reminding me to make use of my remaining epic opportunities.

    Hugs from my little mountain town in California